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Introduction to Decentralized Access Control

Lit Protocol provides decentralized access control but what does that actually mean?

With Lit Protocol, you can set on-chain conditions like "user must hold an NFT" and then the network will provision signatures and decryption keys for users that meet those conditions.

On-chain conditions and credentials are things like:

  • User is a member of a DAO
  • User holds an NFT in a collection
  • User holds at least 0.1 ETH
  • The result of any smart contract function call
  • User owns a specific wallet address
  • Using boolean operations (AND + OR) for any of the above


  • Supports many EVM chains and Solana. Full list here.
  • Supports many standard contracts, with plans to support any RPC call soon. If you need to interact with a contract that we don't support yet, ask us, and we will implement it.
  • Boolean conditions. "And" or "Or" are currently supported.
  • Updateable conditions. Only the creator can update the condition.
  • Permanent conditions. When a condition is stored as permanent, it becomes impossible to update it, forever.
  • Use your favorite storage solution including IPFS/Filecoin, Arweave, Sia, Storj, or even use centralized storage.

Tools for Access Control Condition