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Initial Implementations

Ceramic Signer

This package can be used to sign Ceramic transactions with a PKP using Lit Actions:

Example Application

You can find an example implementation (a React app) of talking to Ceramic and signing with Lit Actions / PKPs here:

Sling Protocol

An SDK for automating DEX interactions using PKPs and Lit Actions. Example functionality includes frictionless swaps with signature abstraction and on-chain limit orders. This project was funded by our Grants program:

Conditional Signing

Conditionally signed response using Lit Actions. Displays the returned JSON if Ether balance >= Min balance entered AND if you signed the transaction within 2 mins of the set time.

Below is the complete React project.

Weather API Signing

Signed Response from Weather API. Within a Lit Action, the example project calls the Weather API and then signs the weather response.

Below is the complete React project.