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Version: v2.x.x

Initial Implementations

Swap Playground

Uniswap trade interface for Programmable Key Pairs (PKPs). This is a demo to create actions that developers can copy and paste to use for their own projects. After an action is created, the swap can be executed. Lit Swap Interface

Check it out here:

Ceramic Signer

This package can be used to sign Ceramic transactions with a PKP using Lit Actions:

Example Application

You can find an example implementation (a React app) of talking to Ceramic and signing with Lit Actions / PKPs here:

Sling Protocol

An SDK for automating DEX interactions using PKPs and Lit Actions. Example functionality includes frictionless swaps with signature abstraction and on-chain limit orders. This project was funded by our Grants program:

Conditional Signing

Conditionally signed response using Lit Actions. Displays the returned JSON if Ether balance >= Min balance entered AND if you signed the transaction within 2 mins of the set time.

Below is the complete React project.

Weather API Signing

Signed Response from Weather API. Within a Lit Action, the example project calls the Weather API and then signs the weather response.

Below is the complete React project.