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Version: v2.x.x


Below you can find the full list of associated smart contracts, which live on the Chronicle Testnet:

PKPNFT: 0x8F75a53F65e31DD0D2e40d0827becAaE2299D111

PubkeyRouterAndPermissions: 0xB35cC6CaB1501d5F3b6b8fcF3215898C9d03E981

Rate Limit Increase NFT: 0x2D0f767eff47b44626832EcD2fda705eB9797c38

Staking Contract Address: 0x433357a14c35815E6A32758fe95c93380D194aaf

PKPHelper: 0x8bB62077437D918891F12c7F35d9e1B78468bF11

PKPPermissions: 0x4Aed2F242E806c58758677059340e29E6B5b7619

TypeScript Contracts SDK‚Äč

The Lit Contracts SDK is a bundled package that allows you to make calls to Lit Protocol smart contracts. Some contracts come with additional abstracted functions that can be accessed by appending Util to the contract variable name, for example, pkpNftContract becomes pkpNftContractUtil.