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Version: v2.x.x


Estimated time to complete: 1 hour

  • Encrypting on-chain meta-data (an NFT description) using the Lit SDK.
  • Upon fetching, the NFTs show their metadata (image & name) to all the users. But, show the decrypted metadata (NFT description) to only users with more than 0.1 MATIC in their wallet, using the Lit SDK.

Table of Contents

Tech Stack

  • Lit SDK - encrypting & decrypting the input description
  • Hardhat - local Ethereum development environment
  • Ethers.js - interacting with our deployed NFT smart contract
  • Polygon Mumbai network - where we deploy our NFT smart contract
  • OpenZeppelin - library for smart contracts for the Ethereum network
  • MetaMask - crypto wallet to connect to our DApp

Project Replit

Below is the complete React project.

For the best experience please open the web app in a new tab.