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Version: v2.x.x

Share Modal

The Lit Share Modal is a tool for creating access control conditions for securing content with Lit Protocol.

  • Secure content based on wallet address, token/NFT holdings, POAP ownership, or DAO membership.
  • Create multiple paths for unlocking content by using AND/OR operators.
  • Set your most used tokens/NFTs as defaults for quick and easy access.

Share Modal Image

For an in-depth explanation of how to use the share modal, please follow the


yarn add lit-share-modal-v3

Usage in React

Use this UI library to allow users to setup custom blockchain based access control. This library can be used in any React app.

A playground for experimenting with the modal is available here:

Usage in Vanilla JS (No React)

A version of this library without React will be available soon.

Usage in Next.js

If you are using NextJS, the CSS injection will not work. Set the injectCSS prop to false, and import the CSS file directly from node_modules/lit-share-modal-v3/dist/ShareModal.css in _app.tsx or _app.jsx. More information is available in the docs.