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Version: v3.x.x

Lit Networks

You can set your Lit Network in the LitNodeClient config of the Lit SDK, by passing the network name to the litNetwork parameter.

NameSupported AlgorithmsSupported FeaturesETADescriptionStatus
JalapenoBLSEncryptionLive NowCentralized alpha network. Persistent, so keys will not be deleted.
SerranoBLS, ECDSAEncryption, Signing, Lit ActionsLive NowDeprecated centralized test network. Persistent. Will be turned off someday, but not before July 2024 and we will give ample notice when we pick a date to turn it off.
CayenneBLS, ECDSAEncryption, Signing, Lit ActionsSeptember 2023Centralized test network. Not persistent, keys will be deleted.Beta:
ManzanoECDSASigningNovember 2023Decentralized test network. No persistency guarantees, but will try to keep keys if possible.Coming Soon
HabaneroECDSAEncryption, Signing, Lit ActionsDecember 2023Decentralized main network. Persistent, so keys will not be deleted.Coming Soon