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Grants and Ecosystem Ideas

Grant Program

The Lit grant program is looking to fund projects that improve developer experience and community development in the web3 ecosystem. We want to support those who are building the infrastructure and applications that will make it easier for people to use and develop Lit-enabled applications.

Grant Criteria

  1. Must be open source.

Small Grants

Capped at $2,500 USD, small grants are aimed at projects that are limited in scope, in early stages or have a short timeline. These grants are for smaller teams (individual developers, non-profits, and/or researchers).

We are looking for projects that have implemented Lit into a project and are looking to prototype or build additional functionality.

Open Grants

We're looking for projects that will significantly increase Lit Protocol's adoption and open use new use cases for the project. This requires an in depth review process and feedback from the grants team before acceptance.

Project grants are targeted toward projects with multiple phases, longer timelines, complex needs and greater financial or operational overhead. At this current time, we are capping the open grants at $10K USDC.

Apply here through our grants GitHub page.

Ecosystem Ideas

Get inspired by taking a look at our Ecosystem Ideas page and Request for Startups.