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What is Lit Protocol?

Decentralized Encryption

Lit Protocol decentralizes public key cryptography using threshold cryptography, and makes it easy for you to decentralize it, too.

What does that mean?

Lit Protocol is an open source, decentralized utility that uses encryption to provide blockchain users access to digital and real world experiences.

Why is encryption important?

Encryption is the process of encoding data so that it remains hidden from or inaccessible to unauthorized users.

We believe that privacy and ownership are basic rights, two ideas central to encryption and decentralization.

Main Functionality

Access Control

Lit Protocol's main feature is a decentralized access control protocol running on top of EVM chains and Solana. With Lit, you can harness on-chain access control conditions to do 4 main things:

  • Encrypt and lock static content (images, videos, music, etc) behind an on chain condition (for example, possession of an NFT).
  • Decrypt static content that was locked behind an on chain condition.
  • Authorize network signatures that provide access to dynamic content (for example, a server or network resource) behind an on chain condition.
  • Request a network signed JWT that provisions access and authorization to dynamic content behind an on chain condition.

With this functionality, Lit Protocol enables the creation of locked NFTs that can only be unlocked by owners of that NFT. It also enables provisioning access to a given server or network resource only to NFT owners. Rather than a simple JPEG, Lit enabled NFTs can be HTML/JS/CSS web pages that can be interactive and dynamic.

Learn more by reading What is Decentralized Access Control.

We support many EVM chains and Solana. Full list here: If you need to interact with a contract that we don't support yet, ask us, and we will implement it.


Store private data on the open web and use Lit to provision decentralized keys to users based on on-chain data, like the assets they hold in their wallet.

Programmable + Distributed Cloud Wallets

Use Lit as a decentralized serverless function platform to create applications that write data to public state machines like blockchains and storage networks. Create automated agents for user funds and data.

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