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Projects Building with Lit


  • Orbis Club: A fully decentralized social layer for Web3.
  • Gather: Virtual spaces for remote collaboration.
  • Headline: A decentralized publishing platform.
  • Charmverse: Web3-native all-in-one workspace.
  • Gateway: Verifiable credential platform.
  • Tempra: Decentralized social platform inspired by Snapchat.


  • Cask: Automated, recurring payments.
  • Krebit: Open identity verification protocol and marketplace for Verifiable Credentials.
  • DAP: An SDK for encrypting and decrypting files with Lit Protocol.
  • IPFS Encrypted Files: Encrypt files on IPFS with Lit.
  • DECK: Private data sharing for Web3.


  • Sling Protocol: An SDK for automating DEX interactions using PKPs and Lit Actions.
  • TradeRep: On-chain reputation building for traders.
  • Violet Protocol: Ultra🤝Violet, enables uncollateralized loans.


  • Nowhere: Token-gated metaverse spaces.
  • Dataverse: The first secure personal space for everyone, allowing users to aggregate Web2 & Web3 interests and control their online digital persona in one place.

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