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Below you can find the full list of associated smart contracts:

PKPNFT: 0x86062B7a01B8b2e22619dBE0C15cbe3F7EBd0E92

PubkeyRouterAndPermissions: 0xEA287AF8d8835eb20175875e89576bf583539B37

Rate Limit Increase NFT: 0xE094c76Ec6bad7CbA6181C8b34Bc41faC7EbdF43

Multisender: 0x1D907ec0CE55E7E3164Da56e50D64DC2d8933142

Deployer address: 0x50e2dac5e78B5905CB09495547452cEE64426db2

Staked node address: 0x091e9b0a5A404A394377d08C0Fd8C3418075e1fe

TypeScript Contracts SDK‚Äč

The Lit Contracts SDK is a bundled package that allows you to make calls to Lit Protocol smart contracts. Some contracts come with additional abstracted functions that can be accessed by appending Util to the contract variable name, for example, pkpNftContract becomes pkpNftContractUtil.