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Version: v3.x.x


Below you can find the full list of associated smart contracts, which live on the Chronicle Testnet:

PKPNFT: 0xa4bbAAf3aD9Db1B3f1f6fe38af60AE228f6DF153

PubkeyRouterAndPermissions: 0x1c5B708A171602A11895D727a64aeE2457E3Ef60

Rate Limit Increase NFT: 0xC498AeE83EF44bBD9E3C27b95482E3261Ec611D5

Staking Contract Address: 0x4809A30149958a95b925bb5315cb0F550E166272

PKPHelper: 0x85E8860FB3Ad3517151C8da5E5F4Bcd626CCbfD6

PKPPermissions: 0x35daf1e7FDf12417aFa8d8deC1fAA874ef4492d9

TypeScript Contracts SDK‚Äč

The Lit Contracts SDK is a bundled package that allows you to make calls to Lit Protocol smart contracts. Some contracts come with additional abstracted functions that can be accessed by appending Util to the contract variable name, for example, pkpNftContract becomes pkpNftContractUtil.