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Version: v3.x.x


Quick Start

Ready to jump right in? Quickly learn how you can integrate decentralized access control today:

  1. Guide: Encryption with Lit
  2. Integration: Storing Private Data on ComposeDB
  3. Integration: Encrypting Data on Arweave Using Lit and Irys
  4. Code: Basic EVM Conditions
  5. Code: Access Control Using Off-Chain Inputs


You can use Lit for decentralized encryption with your storage provider of choice. With Lit, you can encrypt content client-side and define access control conditions (ACCs) to provision access rights to users who meet the conditions you set.

Lit supports the use of both on and off-chain data when defining ACCs, examples including locking content behind:


  1. Access Control Conditions can be defined using state from most EVM chains, Cosmos, and Solana.. View the full list here.
  2. AND + OR operators (boolean logic) can be used to combine any of the supported conditions listed above.
  3. Storage provider of choice: use your preferred storage solution, including IPFS, Arweave, Ceramic, or even a centralized provider, like AWS.

Examples and Use Cases

  1. Private data for web3 social
  2. Token-gated video streaming
  3. Encrypted token metadata
  4. Persistent and private data marketplaces
  5. Decentralized content discovery