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Connecting to a Lit Network

After installing the Lit SDK, you can connect an instance of LitNodeClient to a Lit network. This is done by setting the litNetwork property when instantiating an instance of LitNodeClient:

import { LitNodeClient } from "@lit-protocol/lit-node-client";

const litNodeClient = new LitNodeClient({
// Change this to the Lit SDK Network Identifier you want to connect to
litNetwork: 'datil-dev',
await litNodeClient.connect();

Available Lit Networks


With the release of Chronicle Vesuvius and the Datil networks, the Chronicle based Lit networks: habanero, manzano, and cayenne are going to be deprecated.

If you are currently using these networks, please review the Migrating From Chronicle to Chronicle Vesuvius guide to migrate your application and Lit assets to a Datil network.


NameLit SDK Network IdentifierDoc Page LinkNetwork is Live
Habanerohabaneron/a⚠️ Going to be deprecated


NameLit SDK Network IdentifierDoc Page LinkNetwork is Live
Cayennecayennen/a⚠️ Going to be deprecated
Manzanomanzanon/a⚠️ Going to be deprecated