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Version: v3.x.x

What is Lit Protocol

Lit is a decentralized key management network and platform for building applications and experiences that leverage threshold cryptography. With Lit, you can create and control keys and run code for virtually any application that can be made private, immutable, and / or autonomous.

The system builds off of contemporary work in applied cryptography, secure enclaves, and distributed systems to provide the maximum amount of control and privacy to end users, without requiring an extensive technical understanding of key management or public key cryptography.

Developers can use Lit to build apps with private data, intuitive wallet onboarding and asset management experiences, and immutable serverless functions that run based on the rules you set.

Get started with the Lit SDK.

Use Cases

Lit Protocol can be utilized for various web3 applications, including:

Explore more use cases and projects building with Lit.

Getting Started

Get started on your developer journey by diving right into the code:

  • Lit SDK: The Lit JS SDK provides developers with a modular framework for implementing Lit functionality into their own applications.
  • Encryption Quick Start: Learn how to encrypt and decrypt content using the SDK.
  • Lit CLI: A command line tool that makes developing Lit Actions easy!
  • API Reference: An overview of SDK functions and packages.

Join the Community

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