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Version: v2.x.x


The Lit JavaScript SDK provides developers with a framework for implementing Lit functionality into their own applications. Get started with the Lit SDK based on your use case.

Quick Start

How to load the Lit JS SDK.
Open Source Projects
View a list of open source projects that implement the Lit JS SDK.
Wallet Signatures and Authorization
Understand the required format of wallet signatures.

Access Control

Encrypting Static Content
Encrypt and lock static content (images, videos, music, etc) behind an on-chain condition (ex: ownership of an NFT).
Lit Actions Conditions
Learn how to use Lit Actions for Access Control
Gating Access Through JWT Auth
Authorize network signatures that provide access to dynamic content.

Working with Lit Actions

Hello World
Learn how to request a signature from the Lit network in this intro example.
Proofs and Signed Data
Use Lit's conditional signing capabilities to generate verifiable proofs within your app logic.
Fetching Off-chain Data
Use off-chain data natively without the need for a third-party oracle.
Authentication Helpers
Explore different methods of authentication (i.e. Google OAuth, WebAuthn, etc...).
Lit Contracts SDK (Typescript)
ContractsSDK is a bundled package that allows you to make calls to Lit smart contracts.
Additional Examples
View more examples on our Github.


Lit JS SDK Latest API Documentation
Lit JS SDK Latest API documentation.
Lit Actions API Documentation
View the full list of functions available within the Lit Actions SDK.