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Version: v2.x.x

Use Cases

Access Control

Introduce private and permissioned data to the open web using decentralized encryption. Use Lit to provision decryption "keys" to users based on on-chain conditions, such as ownership over a specific NFT or membership within a DAO.

Some examples of applications that can (and have) been built harnessing this functionality:

Web3 Apps with Private Data

Introduce privacy to decentralized applications. Use Lit to securely store private and permissioned data on the open web. To get started with an integration, use our JavaScript SDK.


  • Orbis Club: Enabling “friends-only” content and encrypted messaging.
  • Lens: Permissioned data for web3 social.
  • Starling Lab: Token-gated data archives.
  • Streamr: Private data marketplaces.
  • Gather: Powering private virtual spaces for your team.
  • IPFS: Encrypt content for private storage on IPFS.
  • Encrypted wallet-to-wallet messaging.
  • Nowhere: Token-gated metaverse spaces.

Add Token Gating to Web2 Apps

Use on-chain credentials to gate access to your favorite web2 applications and data.

  • Shopify: Blockchain-based access control for your online store.
  • Zoom: Token-gated Zoom calls.
  • Google Drive: Add access control requirements to your Google Drive files.
  • WordPress: Gate access to WordPress sites and pages.

Unlockable NFTs

Using HTML NFTs, you can create locked content that only owners of the NFT have access to. This includes dynamic content, like websites or metaverse spaces.

Here’s an example using our Lit Genesis Canvas NFT. Only holders can access the private canvas site linked within!

Programmatic Signing: Lit Actions and PKPs

Introduce automation and interoperability to the dWeb with Lit Actions and PKPs.

Below you will find some example projects and other potential ideas and use cases. You can check out even more examples here.

DeFi Automation

Use PKPs and Actions to automate your interactions across decentralized finance.

  • Condition-based transactions (ex. on-chain limit orders).
  • Recurring payments.
  • Automated vault applications for seamlessly trading asset bundles.

Example Projects:

  • Sling Protocol: An SDK for automating transactions on popular DEXs. Currently supports Uniswap V3 and 1inch.
  • Cask: Automated, recurring payments.


Build powerful infrastructure that harnesses the power of Lit!

  • Cross-chain bridges.
  • Oracles for off-chain data.
  • Event listening and condition-based execution.
  • Privacy-preserving transactions.
  • Decentralized key custodians.

Example Projects:

  • Yacht Labs: Cross-chain atomic swaps with PKPs and Lit Actions
  • Curve Labs: SDK for building privacy-preserving interactions on-chain
  • MagicWallet: One account, multiple seedless wallets
  • More coming soon… 👀 —> build with us!

Web3 Social

Social applications that empower users with privacy and true data ownership.

  • Credentialing systems for privacy-preserving web3 login.
  • User owned social graphs.
  • Account abstraction with support for web2 auth methods (i.e. Apple Passkey).
  • Decentralized chat bots.
  • Verifiable, on-chain reputation building.

Example Projects:


Improve the state of web3 gaming.

  • Signing and wallet abstraction for blockchain-based games.
  • NPCs!
  • Condition-based reward systems and achievements.
  • Private data for multiplayer games.


More ideas!

You can find even more examples, ideas, and resources here.

Have an idea for a project? Get in touch!