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Version: v2.x.x

What is Lit Protocol

Lit Protocol is distributed cryptography for encryption, compute, and programmable signing. As a generalizable key management layer, Lit provides developers with a comprehensive toolkit for managing sovereign identities on the open Web.

Core Functionality

Lit Protocol provides developers with two core services:

  1. Encryption and Access Control: Lit enables the client-side encryption and decryption of data by harnessing on or off-chain conditions, without relying on a centralized key custodian. Use Lit to securely store data on the open Web by getting started with encryption and access control.

  2. Programmable Signing: Lit can be used to program complex signing automations or provide seamless wallet onboarding experiences using Programmable Key Pairs (PKPs) and Lit Actions. PKPs are MPC wallets generated and distributed across the Lit network, while Lit Actions are JavaScript functions dictating when, why, and what a PKP wallet will sign.

Use Cases

Lit Protocol can be utilized for various web3 applications, including:

Explore more use cases and projects building with Lit.

Getting Started

Get started on your developer journey by diving right into the code:

  • Lit SDK: The Lit JS SDK provides developers with a modular framework for implementing Lit functionality into their own applications.
  • Encryption Quick Start: Learn how to encrypt and decrypt content using the SDK.
  • Hello World with Lit Actions: Create your first Lit Action in this example walkthrough.
  • Lit CLI: A command line tool that makes developing Lit Actions easy!
  • API Reference: An overview of SDK functions and packages.

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